Some early take away's from the election results

This is my take as I look at some of the different results.

  • If it weren’t for COVID Trump likely would have won easily.
  • Polls were off again.
  • Can we declare no blue wave?
  • The hardcore liberal states went strong for Biden, 60% or higher.

What are your thoughts?

Media reporting heavily skewed toward Biden. ( shrug )

Electoral map essentially the same as 2016.

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The polls were intentionally skewed and paid for by the establishment with the intent to get this country back into the corrupt hands of those that can monetarily profit from their politics.

Democrats banking on a demographic shift are fooling themselves. Being feckless doesn’t win votes. They haven’t and will not learn.

With Mcconnell at the helm Biden is basically a lame duck. What kind of cabinet or political appointees will McConnell agree to? Not to mention judges and such. Major democrat change positions are dead.

ACA is likely dead with no replacement. The fact the GOP has no replacement is actually a plus because you cannot pick apart the troubles with a non-existent plan like a current, in place plan. Once again the GOP is a step ahead.

Despite impeachment, mismanagement of the coronavirus and obvious corruption Trump still won. The takeaway here is tht Trumpism works and wins. There is no repudiation.

The democrats have totally blown it. They had all the advantages: a tanked economy, an absolutely massive fundraising operation, Covid pandemic in which the President himself contracted the very disease through his own negligence that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands as well, unrest over an overbearing police force egged on by the President and they ended up with basically a repeat of 2016. Biden winning is a pyrric victory at most.


Arizona, and Wisconsin might disagree with you.

Although pretty much status quo.

Biden will win over 50% of the vote.


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Of course without trump at the helm, how does trumpism survive.


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He did say essentially. He is right.

Through Twitter

I hace been ringing the Latino vote for years on this very board. Not that i am smart or anything but Latinos especially educated are conservative.

The President tapped into that.

My thoughts are many but I’m so tired. The media once again nearly had me fooled. I wasn’t expecting Trump to be this close and at 50/50 odds, he may win the whole thing. Seniors DIDN’T flee from him, etc etc.

Should Biden lose, there’s a few top reasons I feel factored in:

Shutdown fatigue.
Kamala being terrible choice. Bidens age and work ethic by not getting out (it’s a job interview, he needed his best efforts).

The Senate… think about that… if Rs keep WH and grow majority right after the left made loud noise about the courts, this tells me Americans are giving thumbs up to judge choices and want it to keep going.


But without the might of the presidency.


Trump likely picked up more votes than last time around and attracted demographics that democrats have coasted on. The strategy of Trump is alive and well and even more so his appeal to a broader spectrum of voters.

By and large isn’t that all from CA, which went over 65% for Biden?

Easy takeaway- America doesn’t accept and repudiates liberalism as it is presented

People don’t like being told what to do.


Another thing I’ll add to my list is that the margin of error in polling needs to go from 3% to 8%.


Another thing I’ll add. The Market was NOT hoping for a blue wave.

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Millions of dollars have been spent buying campaigns mostly in losing efforts ie SC Senate seat won by Graham whose opponent was financed by “big outside donors”.
Just imagine if just 25% of this “outside money” had been spent on humanitarian efforts.
Oh, and Pennsylvania’s Attorney General should recuse himself from any legal actions arising in PA over challenges to the election results. Regardless of the outcome, Shapiro should be recalled from the PA AG office; he’s not fit to serve the best interests of people of the Commonwealth.


Can’t act like petulant children for 4 years and expect to be rewarded.


My take away is that the country is divided.


I don’t disagree with any of this at face value. That said, what do you think the Democrats could have done differently? I think the results so far are more indicative of the deep political divisions in America, something none of Trump’s incompetence and corruption would hurt him too terribly on.

Before yesterday I said I felt Trump had a better than 50% shot at re-election because of partisanship, and this morning bears that out.