Some Dems Want to Make Joining the NRA Illegal

Just what fraction of this year’s income do you think is being spent on those legal fees and accounting ? Cite your source.

100000$ a day legal fees is pretty expensive, another donor suing the NRA for millions for financial mismanagement and fraud for pierre buying a 6 million dollar property for himself to live in because he feared for his safety?

The NRA spends millions on legal and accounting fees every year.

I won’t argue for a minute that LaPierre has abused his position but he definitely has good reason to fear for his life and that of his family.

For a company that’s doing an average of close to half a billion dollars a year in revenues?

No, not particularly.

I certainly wish we could spend a lot less but for what they’re doing it isn’t unreasonable.

I was once upon a time a member. I am a lib whom owns firearms like lots of libs I know. I think the NRA has lost it’s way. They have just become another political organization. They have become another arm of the Republican party. The corruption stinks as well. Should have stuck to their original mission.

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Then you know nothing about the organization at all.

Defense of our gun rights, training and education, competition, remain the core of the work for the organization and active members.

Like and large organization some of the bureaucracy has gotten out of hand and needs a serious pruning, and I think LaPierre’s days are finally numbered along with a few others than have been guilty of some really poor decision making and abuses of their position but we’re not going anywhere and will only get better.

Those who are accusing the NRA of being a terrorist organization need to be investigated for having ties with the Russians or the Chinese.

And there are those in the Democratic Party who choose to be the right arm of Russas Communist Party pushing their anti-Second Amendment garbage.

I love this line. Robert Francis used it just a couple of days ago.

I too was an NRA member for many a year then I too dropped my membership in the 70’s as they got into politics so heavily.

Sure, have the Government unfoundedly investigate folks who are simply freely speaking their minds. Yes have the Government unfoundedly investigate them for supposed links to Russian and Chinese communists simply because they spoke out against the NRA.

Yeah, that is the Red White and Blue AMERICAN way!

Apparently for some MAGA means making our government the thought police!



You have some secret data that you can’t share here, and the NRA hasn’t published. It would be in their best interest to publish polls stating that their members are against UBC.
I’m not buying it.

If your numbers are right, the NRA spent more than 10% of total revenues on the 2016 campaign.

Nobody with any common sense would buy it. He isn’t any more privy to the NRA’s internal data than any other member. Anyway, hopefully the NRA will be broke and out of business soon. They’re already living paycheck to paycheck.

I wonder what this thread would look like if it was the NAACP.


I don’t particularly care what you buy. Internal data and documents are “internal”.

Your point?

I’m not just a member, I also work in program and training development.