Some Dems Want to Make Joining the NRA Illegal

How long should I wait?

Why should I feel like that?

Some of us have jobs and arnt on forum all day

Why are you resisting?


Why are you pushing?

Someone has to go make sure boomers get their social security and medicare

Because I don’t like my rights violated. And it’s what I do.

How many hours you put in today?

How my feelings violate your right?

Depends on how you count the hours

You vote.

:rofl: good thing you aren’t a SERE student.

Count them in your favor.

But that’s different then my feeeeeelingsss.

No it isn’t. Righteous Minds.

Of course it is. And your question specifically asked what my feeling were on a topic, not my vote

No, it isn’t. You are simply wrong. And now I’m bored with you. Your resistance is too basic to be interesting. You are dismissed. Good night.

Bye bye have a good night! I’ll be here all week if you want a rematch. The door is…thataway ---------- >

Go for it.

Don’t give up your day job champ.