Some Context for the Manafort Sentence

What determined the Manafort sentence this week?

For Judge T. S. Ellis III, who sentenced Paul Manafort to less than four years in prison this week for a corruption case involving $100 million, was not pronouncing his first sentence in a case of criminal corruption.

In 2012, Judge Ellis sentenced former Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson, who was guilty of accepting a $100 thousand bribe to thirteen years in prison. At the time, Judge Eliot said he wanted this sentence to serve as a warning to others who would corrupt government processes.

What accounts for this visible disparity in sentencing?

  1. Manafort stole $100,000,000, while Jefferson stole $100,000, so was the Judge rewarding Manafort for his financial acumen
  2. Manafort is a Republican. Jefferson was a Democrat Basis for differential treatment?
  3. Manafort is white, Jefferson is black. Basis for differential treatment?
  4. Neither case involved collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, so that’s a wash

Does anyone see any problems here?

Minor correction: the judge’s name is T.S. Ellis III, not T.S. Eliot. T.S. Eliot is the poet who wrote The Hollow Men.

I’ve been in Ellis’s courtroom. He’s an old man - cranky and mean - and that likely has a lot to do with your complaints.

It’s funny that of the three first analyses I just found, none were overly critical. Which doesn’t make sense. I would hesitate to call it a racial thing without more comparisons to other sentences from Ellis. But I do agree with NBC that the wheelchair did play a role.

Still, we’ll see what happens this week. The judge can give him the max or more, from what I’ve been hearing.

Thanks for the correction. I edited.

Jefferson was an elected official.

Manafort is a ■■■■ house lawyer.

So you are saying people working for the Legislative branch should be sentenced more harshly than those who work for the Executive? There is nothing about that in the Constitution. I thought you favored strict adherence to Constitutional standards.

Are you sure it’s not there? I thought I saw it somewhere after shall not be something something.

Were you looking at the Wikipedia version of the Constitution? That gets edited all the time!


A black man steals 100K and gets 13 years.

A white man steals 100M and gets 4 years.

Elected officials should be dealt with more harshly than ■■■■ house lawyers.

When was Manafort in the Executive Branch?

Jefferson took a bribe while in elected office.

Yeah, I think an elected official should get hammered for every crime they commit while in office. I don’t care who they are.

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Yeah. I noticed that. It’s so surprising given that racism against African-Americans disappeared so many years ago.

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They are two different judges?

Same judge.