Some cons boycotting Walmart over "Impeach 45" shirt sales



Thanks for posting this, time for me to take a little trip to Walmart and buy a few of these shirts as xmas gifts.

yes…I suspect it won’t be the first trip you take there. Here’s the kind of people buying those shirts.

While they’re free to boycott whatever they want, I thought conservatives were against boycotting businesses.

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Walmart can sell what they want, I’m not obligated to buy it.

But it raises a question. Why would a retailer intentionally anger up to half of their customers? I’m no fan of Trump, but also no fan of retailers selling items that are clearly partisan like this. Can I not even do shopping in peace any longer, or is even that politicized now?

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This is as silly as that woman, what was it the '80’s? The '90’s? Wanting to boycott Walmart over a Tshirt that said “Someday a Woman Will Be President”, and had the Margaret character from Dennis the Menace.

Don’t want to shop there, don’t, but why are such individuals newsworthy?

Walmart also sells MAGA stuff. They like most companies are in it for the green.


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Economic TERRORISM. lol

I know, but it makes no sense. I just don’t understand companies doing something that will automatically alienate a good percentage of customers.

Now obviously selling things like that doesn’t mean they are endorsing the message, but still seems to me a retailer would avoid it.

It’s the same when companies get involved in boycotts demanded by the left or right, pulling their ads from programs a group of outraged people find objectionable.

Anyway, as I said they can sell what they like, no one is going to force me to buy it. I rarely go to a Walmart anyway.

Impossible!! I was told by Trumpsters that calling for boycotts is economic terrorism. Probably just an Antifa plant by David Hogg as a set up!!

sounds staged.

From the article: “As of early Tuesday morning, the “Impeach 45” clothing was still available on Walmart’s website.”

Can’t find it now on

Going to Walmart today

Why would you post that here?

I for one am outraged and desgusted by this economic terrorism. Not buying things at Walmart is against free speech!

I stopped shopping Walmart years ago when they began selling almost nothing but Chinese goods and were a factor in putting out of business mom and pop stores. I do buy my hunting license there and then pay with a credit card so that they don’t make squat.

Didn’t someone just say a couple of days ago, that conservatives don’t boycott!

Evidently Walmart is equal opportunity “offender”. Therefore, the boycott is bogus. They’re doing the free market thing, making money.

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Right on. If I had a stand at a rally, I’d be selling both “impeach 45”; “Build that Wall”; MGA hats of every color; “Antifa is facist”…whatever is popular. Its the American way!

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I always wonder how stupid ■■■■ like this lands on people’s list of things to care about.