Solution to New York State

Raise taxes.

Yes that’s right Andrew Cuomo. Instead of cutting necessary resources education, healthcare and other programs that middle class needs you should raise taxes on rich.

Unless of course you really don’t support the common man.

As for blaming Trump…you and those dems that run your state has the power to raise that money.

Time to take responsibility and man up.

I know what libs going to say…New York states subsides those poor southern states.

Never mind the fact that New York was taken advantage of their tax laws to screw over America.

Libs appear to know the difference between state/local taxes and federal taxes… New York contributes far more in federal taxes than it receives and anything that happens in Albany doesn’t change that at all.

Because New York was paying less percentage of other states of their income because they were able to write of state taxes.

But again thanks for predictability.

You clearly are forgetting the SALT deduction caps included in the “tax reform” passed last year… Who knew taxes could be so complicated…

I really love this little tidbit.

The Democratic majorities in the Senate and Assembly have several proposals to add to the budget. Cuomo will no longer have Senate Republicans as an ally for fiscally conservative measures. The Republicans lost the majority in the November elections.

Saying that they no longer have republicans as ally for fiscally restraint…what that schmuck really saying is that they can’t blame republicans for cutting revenues to education, healthcare and other social programs as they had in the past.

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But but… the future solution should be based on previous tax laws - The brilliance of the right.

Live within your means…or raise taxes.

What’s funny you can’t blame republicans for being cruel.

LMAO… Are you REALLY trying to argue fiscal restraint as part of the republican platform? Since when?

How wonder which of the States run by Republicans, compared to those run by Democrats have Positive budgets in their states compared to negative ones?

New York been ripping federal goverment off for decades. And now libs complaining that they no longer have that ability.

Poor little snowflakes.

New York has been a net exporter of Federal Tax Dollars for quite a while now.

How is that “ripping off the Federal Government”?

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The point is they can’t blame republicans for cutting social programs. In the past they always blamed THEM of cruelty of it all.

LOL they have no one to blame…:rofl:

Because they were able to write off their states taxes. So they were paying less of federal taxable income then say someone in Florida.

But that’s not the point of this thread is it?

The fact that New York doesn’t have any republicans to blame on social programs cuts.

And I find that funny as hell.

It still doesn’t make any bit of sense.

If the State of New York is sending more money to the Federal Government than it receives… how exactly is that “ripping off the Federal Government”?

I makes zero sense.

I mean like none.


Looks like the “coastal elites” have their ■■■■ in order, flyover country and the south though… ouch.

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The Point is, that Democrat Socialist enjoy spending everyone else’s money.

But they can only print up so much money Like Obama did, before they continue
to get America further and further into debt.

Like almost doubling the National debt with Obama in their. 11 Trillion to 19.

Are you, by chance, watching the current deficit and debt numbers?

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People here are saying that the Democrats are big spenders.

After the past couple of years of GOP rule.

It is kinda dumb.

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Too funny…Cuomo said he and his administration are blameless.

No…the problem is your big government philosophy that democrats push.

But now you have no republicans to blame for your troubles.

California will be next state.