Solar panels and Homelessness in Cal

So a lower demand will raise prices?

Sure that makes since…

How do fish get through that without being minced?

How much did you spend on lattes? :wink:

Yeah, just think of all the people living in tents under the overpass who would buy houses if it weren’t for those darn solar panels. :laughing:

It doesn’t, it isn’t meant to, why are you trying to attach homelessness to this topic?

Because Venezuela.

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How many Homeless people are buying 500,000 + houses currently?

None, now that they’ve tacked on that homeless hating solar panel requirement.

I’m not allowed to smoke on CTA property, I fail to see how that helps the homeless problem.

I am a good con and my kneejerk reaction is to support the free market in housing.

That said, I have done a lot of work with the true low bottom homeless and reduced housing prices, which the free market would bring, are not on the top 20 list of things they need.

They are SOOO far away from that.

If you want to do something have your church let them receive mail there so they can get an ID.

Of course, your church will become a hangout for druggies and whores (no I am not kidding) so perhaps your church will want to arrange mail pick up off site.

And by driving up the cost of the average new home you reduce the number of people who can vacate their older homes and buy them.

Homeless people are not in the market to buy houses.

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Some of them would be if housing prices were not so insane there. There are a lot of people making decent money that can’t even afford a hovel.

I see homes there on various HGTV shows that would not bring 30k in most places selling in the 300’s and they aren’t even livable.

You can’t really do much about housing prices.

now if you want to talk about homeless we should talk about low income housing and stop the gentrification of low income areas.

California is pushing low income out on purpose.

Exactly. Admitting it wasn’t all that hard was it?

These two statements cannot both be true.

[quote=“CanadianJudo, post:35, topic:676, full:true”]
California is pushing low income out on purpose.
[/quote]Think… .

You know very little what you talk about if you try compare Wales to Calif. The tidal features are really different.

The same technology will work anywhere tides rise and fall more than a foot or so.

You just build dams to produce tidal pools and then use the force of gravity as the water flows back out slowly to generate power.

Between the tides and normal wave action along the west coast it’s a vast untapped resource.