SOCIALIST UTOPIA: Venezuela’s Last National Newspaper to Close, Cites 'Paper Shortage'

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Venezuela’s last remaining national newspaper -El Nacional- will close this Friday after 75 years in business; yielding to “unrelenting government pressure” and a crippling paper shortage throughout the socialist country.

“We’ve endured longer than the others,” said El Nacional’s president and CEO Miguel Otero. “But in the end we could not persist.”

According to the Associated Press, El Nacional was widely respected and famous for its anti-government articles. The newspaper regularly published stories highly critical of Nicolas Maduro’s brutal socialist regime.

“Both late President Hugo Chavez and current President Nicolas Maduro have had strained relations with the media and accused journalists of contributing to anti-government plots and publishing fake news,” writes the AP.

“El Nacional has not died but is reinvented to bet on the future,” said the paper’s general manager. “Because nobody is going to shut us up.”

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