SOCIALIST UTOPIA: Maduro Unveils ’30 Day Rationing Plan’ to End Venezuela’s Nationwide Blackout

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Venezuela’s socialist President Nicolas Maduro unveiled his “30-day ration plan” over the weekend to end his country’s crippling blackout as starving residents forage for food and medical supplies across the once-rich nation.

Maduro addressed the country on state-controlled television Sunday as thousands of residents took to the streets in protest of the socialist regime.

The plan calls for the total closure of schools and other government-run facilities and will shorten the “length of the workday” to conserve electricity.

“No one can put up with this,” said one lifelong resident of Caracas. “There’s been no water since last Monday, you can’t call by phone, we can’t pay with cards or even eat.”

“They brought the electrical system to a collapse because they are corrupt and now they can’t resolve it because they are incapable,” said another.

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