SOCIALIST SUMMER: New Dem Candidates LURCH LEFT, Hope to REPEAT Cortez Upset

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A crop of young Democratic candidates are hoping to repeat New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ stunning defeat of a centrist candidate just weeks ago; lurching left in a bid to upset the party establishment.

According to the Seattle Times, 30-year-old Sarah Smith is looking to takedown incumbent Rep. Adam Smith in Washington state, adding “Sarah Smith was recruited to run by the same national organizations that endorsed Ocasio-Cortez, and she embraces the comparison.”

“You have generations of voters that are disenfranchised, that don’t feel heard,” Smith said in a recent interview. “And finally we have candidates like myself and like Alex that aren’t taking corporate money, we’re not cuddling up to Wall Street, we’re not cozying up to the 1 percent.”

Cortez herself made national headline earlier this month when she stumbled through a host of issues including Israel and the true cost of her rapidly expanding welfare programs.

Former Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Joe Lieberman slammed the Cortez campaign last week, urging New York voters to support longtime Rep. Joe Crowley.

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