SOCIALIST SLAM: Liberal Superstar TRASHES ‘Wild West’ Capitalism | Sean Hannity

New York Democratic socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continued to make national headlines over the weekend; slamming American-style capitalism as the “wild west” and saying the modern financial system “will not always exist in the world.”

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Capitalism has always existed, when barter was not fair it was CAPITALISM.

no I don’t agree, Capitalism is a fairly sophisticated system to increase wealth, g
rowth, change and ideally multiply returns, profit and innovation. In a sense I suppose a bit like Calculus ( I not a mathematician). At the core of a capitalist democracy growth is generated by accepting and trusting the leaders and businessmne taking the risks and leading in politics and business. Its means a social system that accepts a share market and joint stock ownership that allows the business to operate with a degreeof secuirty in that the risk is to the investor at base rather than the owner or planner. Capitalism is not a simple barter or even cash transaction or political vote in return in favour for direct jobs and patronage. Capitalism and an advanced society accepts an inequalityof information and that real development is only possibly by business or planner if the business and political leadership can innovate without releasing more than general information of control