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Socialist superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raised eyebrows throughout her hometown Thursday night; banning press and reporters from her town hall event in New York City.

According to the local Queens Chronicle, the liberal candidate and self-described Democratic Socialist barred journalists from covering the event because her campaign didn’t want to make locals “feel uncomfortable.”

“We wanted to help create a space where community members felt comfortable and open to express themselves without the distraction of cameras and press. These were the first set of events where the press has been excluded,” said her campaign spokesperson. “This is an outlier and will not be the norm. We’re still adjusting our logistics to fit Alexandria’s national profile.”

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Every day she is looking more and more like Fat Donald in her actions.


Libs need there safe space.

Can you imagine the outcry if President Trump banned reporters?? Wow, they blew a gasket when the daily briefing wasn’t televised. And Freedom of the Press? I thought they believed that was something more important than the hot air blown from MSNBC and CNN!! What a contrast… A President who has given more access and spoken more freely to the media that any politician much less President in the History of The United States. Versus an upstart not ready for prime time, Socialist idiot that bans the media because she can’t answer the easiest of elementary questions in an intelligent way. And the mainstream media calls her a star?? No wonder the President calls it FAKE NEWS and the average American sees the press as completely dishonest and corrupt.

Trump the candidate and Trump the president has banned media from his public events.

Typical false narrative. Trump has had more press conferences and allowed more media access than Obama ever did in his first two terms.

Here’s a story from ABC News, in January 2010:

President Obama has not held a full news conference at the White House since July 22, the night he said that the Cambridge Police “acted stupidly” in the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates.

The left pretends they want an open and free press, but the truth is they need to strictly control and script their media exposure, and exert control over the media.


and how did we get the tape recording of Obama saying:

"They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

Why… that would have taken place at an event where Obama banned the news media from attending. Go ahead and pretend all you like, that wanting events now and again without media intruding is something that started with Trump.

I wasn’t talking about President Obama.

Obama First Year: 7 Regular Solo Press Conferences. 4 Solo Prime Time Press Conferences. 16 Joint Press Conferences.

Obama Second Year: 10 Solo Regular Press Conferences. 9 Joint Press Conferences.

Trump First Year: 1 Solo Regular Press Conference. 20 Joint Press Conferences.

Trump Second Year: (Through July 20th) 3 Solo Regular Press Conferences. 12 Joint Press Conferences.

You were saying?

Here’s another take on the story:

She certainly will not be listed as the first politician to have ever banned press from a town hall meeting or two.