SOCIALIST SECRETS: Ocasio-Cortez BANS PRESS, REPORTERS from Speaking Events | Sean Hannity

Socialist superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raised eyebrows throughout her hometown Thursday night; banning press and reporters from her town hall event in New York City.

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She wants to preach socialism without being ask how it good for America…

Stupid is as Stupid does.

My goodness, you couldn’t be more wrong. If you had even bothered to read the OP linked article, rather than just the bold OP headline you would know why this one time Ocasio-Cortez did what she did.

Thanks for posting that.

In effect you have proven your own point with your own post.


Ocasio-Cortez has made the conservatives incredibly salty.

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This woman should be ashamed. What ever happened to freedom of the press? Suddenly liberals feel they should be able to pick and choose when locals should “feel uncomfortable.”

Guess what? The media should never feel comfortable. They should only be allowed to press events so that they can be verbally attacked. They are the enemy of the Real American people.

I think if Cortez agrees to debate Hannity, we might be able to soften the rhetoric used against her. But until that time, she’s shown herself to be entirely worthy of ridicule and scorn.

she says its for the safety of attendees of town hall

but she doesnt explain how the press poses a danger.

except that they might shine light on the truth of her insane ideas

If she never spoke to the media you may have had a point.

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Replying to a reporter who questioned why the event was closed, she tweeted, "Our community is 50% immigrant. Folks are victims of DV, trafficking, + have personal medical issues. This town hall was designed for residents to feel safe discussing sensitive issues in a threatening political time.”

Additionally, with this town hall non-story: it was designed to protect + invite vulnerable populations to PUBLIC discourse: immigrants, victims of domestic abuse, and so on. We indicated previously that the event would be closed to press. Future ones are open.

Pretty self explanatory to me.

But for you I will give it a try, she wanted a town hall for her constituents who have good reason to not want their images and questions and concerns plastered all over the local and national news.

Pretty freaking simple.


if she wouldnt pretend its a public event instead of a private one it wouldnt matter

Might, the key word, but for a shoe the horse was lost…

then its not a public town hall event

its a private meeting

It was a town hall for her constituents.

It was not a presser.

She had an excellent point.

Of course it is a town hall event.

So what exactly are these ideas she will be expressing that she hasn’t stated hundreds of times already to various outlets?

its not a “town hall” if she keeps out portions of the “town”

gotta love how people defend the left when they fear the press

not the point

The media is not portions of the town.

You do know that no one believes your faux concern right?