SOCIALIST PARADISE: Venezuelan Dictator Escapes AIRBORNE Assassination Attempt

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro escaped an airborne assassination attempt over the weekend, looking visibly shaken as bomb-equipped drones approached the leader as he delivered a major speech to his impoverished nation.

Maduro was speaking before a military parade in Caracas when multiple drones -strapped with homemade explosives- rushed towards the stage. The socialist president appeared visibly shaken as armed guards dashed to protect the leader.

“To all of our friends in the world, I am fine, I am alive.” Maduro said later that day. “The Bolivarian revolution keeps its path.”

“All the investigations point to Bogotá. They have tried to kill me today,” he claimed.

Watch the stunning moment above.

The perpetrators controlling the drones should be apprehended and prosecuted… for being such lousy pilots!

He escaped this time, but it won’t be much longer before both Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution come to a bloody end.

Scary stuff