SOCIALISM USA: Poll Finds ‘NEARLY HALF’ of Young Democrats Identify as ‘Socialists’ | Sean Hannity

A stunning new survey released this week shows nearly half of millennial Democrats self-identify as “socialists,” raising serious new questions about the future of the party ahead of the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.

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This is what happens when kids from grade school through college are indoctrinated. Most of us no longer sit around the dinner table every night and discuss the days events, a chance for parents to refute socialist ideals dished out daily to their children.
So hearing about how wonderful socialism is, every day through years of school will indoctrinate them. We should be teaching how to think for ourselves and not be such “sheeple”.
Just think, Harvard law no longer teaches the constitution. To future lawyers. Now… that is scary.

Don’t poop your pants. They aren’t Marxist-Leninists. The only reason “socialism” is coming into favor is because conservatives have diluted the term.

Interesting post. How is the term “socialism” being diluted? The only reason socialism is coming into favor is because of pure ignorance of what socialism really is.