SOCIALISM USA! Dems Plot BIG Government Expansion in 2019, ‘Free’ Healthcare, College, Income | Sean Hannity

The incoming Democratic House majority is preparing dozens of measures aimed at expanding the federal government in 2019; including a potential vote on ‘Medicare for All,’ free college tuition, a jobs guarantee bill, and more.

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I hope Trump warms up the veto stamp and pushes for fiscal stability this year.

American people did NOT pick Democrats in November. The Democrats stole seats (California), cheated (Florida), and lied their way to power.
I hope the Federal Election Committee gets their a$$ in gear and revamps this $hit or Trump and Republicans can kiss 2020 goodbye.

If the Dems in the House persist in trying to pursue this policy, then nothing will get done over the next two years because it won’t get past the Senate and this President would never sign it. We need to make sure that all of the people who were to lazy or apathetic to vote this time get off their rears and put real people in office and not just Pelosi sycophants.