SOCIALISM USA! Dem Senator Says ‘American Capitalism’ Hasn’t ‘Worked for Enough People’ | Sean Hannity

Democrat Senator Mark Warner told a group of supporters this week that free-market capitalism hasn’t “worked for enough people,” doubling-down in his party’s heated rhetoric ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

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I don’t see how anyone could vote for this idiot or any other democrat promoting socialism. He admits that he is wealthy because of capitalism but wants you to vote for him because he don’t think enough people have become wealthy. So I wonder if he is wanting to give me a few hundred thousand dollars so I can be wealthy too? I’d be willing to bet that he’d tell me that isn’t what he meant. My response would be I don’t care, still give me a few hundred thousand of your money so I could be better off.

Damn right - these democrats have done a 380 on immigration. They have promoted generational welfare for people, even those barely a pulse until a 13 year old with a child receives full welfare benefits on as they are declared emancipated minors - and then the dems bring in tens of thousands of illegals putting them on taxpayer funded welfare rolls and promising free education and medical and other numerous benefits to boot. I am wondering when the average taxpayer will take note and be heard - we are getting screwed already, and a vote for dems today is a vote for more restrictions and far more taxes than the layers and layers we already pay - vote Republican - we cannot afford to be slaves again.