SOCIALISM USA! Bernie Slams ‘Wealth Inequality,’ Says 40% of US ‘Can’t Afford Basics’ | Sean Hannity

Vermont Senator and potential 2020 candidate Bernie Sanders identified a major “moral issue” plaguing the nation this week; saying “wealth inequality” needs to be “addressed” because 40% of Americans “cannot afford the basics to live.”

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And yet they demand the U.S. let in millions of illegals.

Bernie, you are disingenuous and a complete fraud.

This man drives me bonkers with his " Wealth Equality " nonsense " as he is smart enough to realize it’s just not going happen. Bernie is a millionaire and so is every member of Congress. Da ya think they will pass a law that will hurt them personally? Right, neither do I.
It sounds nice to me personally living on Social Security and my pension that someone will throw me five grand every now and then, but what would that solve?
I looked at an interesting site yesterday while looking for some info and this site gave the net worth of each Congress member when they first became a member and their net worth today.
It totally stunned me, and do you know whose was on top of the heap? A guy from Puerto Rico for jezz sakes. He might not be able to vote, but when it comes to making a buck on the side this guy is like a river-boat gambler.
Bernie wants to make this country into Europe plain and simple. He reminds me of the Communists of the 1930s in this country who promised to change this country forever, but they were Wolves in sheeps clothing.
You would stymie this country to a complete stop, and What do I exactly mean?
What would this country be like if we took the money from the rich and I will not down some familiar names.
Bill Gates, and I could write 5000 more. People like this are the catalyst in making this country work and normal Joe’s could have become millionaires in putting a grand into these companies when they were fledglings. My two favorites are Richard Branson and the Elon Musk’s of this world as they in ten years done what it took NASA

What is going on with this site? I just was finishing up a 30 minute comment on Bernie and some curtain came down and poof, it was no where to be found. It does it every ten minutes and it surely needs to be talked about on your end and adjustments are needed as it’s a pain in the arse.

For REAL wealth inequality, look at “progressive” California, where the middle class cannot afford to live.

And if Bernie and Ocasio-Cortez have their way, 80% of the people won’t be able to afford basic necessities. That’s the same thing that happened in Germany and the rest of Europe after WWI. It’s amazing how today’s Socialists believe that they know better and can succeed where everyone has failed in the past.