SOCIALISM USA! Bernie Sanders Says US Needs a ‘Political Revolution’ Against the Wealthy | Sean Hannity

Vermont Senator and possible 2020 contender Bernie Sanders called for a “political revolution” to prevent wealthy Americans from “buying elections” Monday; saying “Three people own more wealth than the bottom half of our country.”

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It’s amazing how Bernie and the Democrats always condemn the Koch brothers for making political contributions yet they think it is perfectly fine for George Soros, Bill Gates, Marc Zuckerberg and other liberal billionaires to buy elections for Democrats. The Koch brothers have created more jobs and economic prosperity for workers in the U S than Bernie could ever think of doing. He wants a revolution against those creating our economic success and he is totally ignoring history. When the French Revolution occurred, it not only took out that part of the nobility that produced nothing, but also the nobility , merchants and producers that actually benefitted the people. Then they ended up with Napoleon. The same happened in Russia. The people traded in a mixed upper class that was moving towards change, for Lenin and Stalin.

Same crap, different day. ALWAYS with the division: Class warfare, racism, sexism, etc., etc. “Us” against “them”.

What we need is a political revolution AGAINST the politicians. Bernie is the longest “serving” independent in Congress - has accomplished NOTHING and produced NOTHING. The ONLY thing this baiter has accomplished is to push division in his attempt to seize the assets of Americans.