Socialism- pro or against?

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Apparently there are some new stats out that during the USSR’s Socialist days, there was a higher life expectancy and better educated adults.

Many people promote Socialism as the ultimate economic status, because of the reasons listed in the image. But what good are those reasons, if the intentions are not good? For example, while more people are staying in school in Socialist countries, and are coming out better educated due to secondary education being a right, what exactly are these schools teaching? And with healthcare, while there is a better life expectancy for universal healthcare, what quality is it? Are they making the same medical breakthroughs as Capitalist countries? Can they afford the same technology? All these questions must be answered before one decides their stance on Socialism.

Personally, I am against. There’s no private property, it punishes success, and the government suffocates the ability of the country to advance technologically speaking. It also doesn’t allow the individual to express their abilities because everyone is required to be “equal.” However, everyone gets a chance at education and healthcare, for example, and (on the more milder end of Socialism) it prevents monopolies from forming, letting everyone have a chance to succeed with their business. What say you? Are you for or against? Why?

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Here’s the image if people cannot see it in the OP


What? I’ve never seen this topic debated before, as ironic as it seems considering how general it is.

I’m stealing that meme by the way. :wink:

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I have the power to see how this is going to turn out. :sunglasses:

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It would be rude not to. lol

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Some socialism is good, but it should be balanced. South Korea saw public Access to the internet as a “public good” years ago. As a result they have nearly three times the speeds offered here at less than half the cost. Businesses are still profitable to boot. Win win.

Meanwhile in the US, the top three internet providers are also the lowest ranked in customer service and routinely raise prices while offering LESS service. But hey, as long as there’s profit to be made, it’s all good, right?

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South Korea also has Internet Addiction as an official disease. lol

Can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs…

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The USSR killed about 20 million people in slave camps…Worked to death. There is nothing anyone would say good about the National Socialists, and the Soviet socialists were just as bad. Odd how they get a pass. I bet current govt stats in Venezuela look pretty good while the people starve.


Hi, Im for it.Waiting in lines because the item being handed out for the week is shoelaces and toilet paper(one ply) and I have 15 points left on my ration card. Its a good day in the USA comrade

Margaret Thatcher summed up socialism years ago." The Problem With Socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money.
The only folks in America that truly want socialism, and I mean the largest group of wannabe socialist, are young folks who never worked for a darn thing in their life, and think they are entitled to what you , and I earned. Kind what Margaret said, but they will have to fight for it, and I honestly think it would come down to the dirty CW word, NOT good for anyone.

The younger generation in this country has been indoctrinated by the left since birth to believe Socialism is good and Capitalism is bad. Why would anyone be surprised that they openly embrace Socialism. They really have no conceptual understanding of either system and certainly are oblivious to the history.

The world is not a linear model like this:


It’s more like this:

More capitalist or socialist doesn’t equal better/worse, but more capitalist/socialist into infinity sure does.

Sweden is a parliamentary democracy, 3 partys, etc etc . I knew a few Swedes, their welfare setup, LOL well Its hardly like ours LOL, but That is only what I’ve been told. I know little about Sweden’s government.

A capitalist system with a welfare state is the best system we can hope for. Many first world nations show this can work.

No system is perfect but as this pandemic has shown public health is critical.

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Ideological pureness is rarely ever good.

Agreed which surprises me why for so many on this forum its all or nothing.

If you support providing more rights for employees somehow you are labelled as a far left liberal.

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I don’t think so. Worker’s rights are important. However, there should be a balance between corporate rights and worker’s rights…if the state provides too much in the way of workers’ rights, then it stifles businesses which stifles the economy, which in turn stifles businesses. It gets into a vicious circle. Now, too many corporate benefits, you get corporations overworking their employees, abusing them. Much like the turn of the century. Child labor. Etc.

But that’s what you said. :wink: