Social Media strikes back at alt-right

another major alt-right leader has been kicked off social Media being banned from, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Patreon, and now Youtube.

Alt-right commentator and Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes is now banned from YouTube for “multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement,” according to the company. At the time of the ban, McInnes, who also co-founded Vice Media in 1994 prior to his involvement with numerous nationalist causes, had over 200,000 subscribers. It is not clear which videos on McInnes’ channel led to the ban, but YouTube confirmed that the channel had exceeded the threshold for copyright strikes, leading to a “repeat offender” ban.

In November, the FBI labeled the Proud Boys an extremist group only for an agent to later clarify that the label was the result of a misunderstanding. (The FBI still considers the Proud Boys to have links to white nationalism, and considers some individual members to be potential violent and criminal threats with possible national security implications.) Regardless, McInnes had begun distancing himself from the group following the FBI’s initial classification, which was due in part to a violent altercation involving members of the Proud Boys at a New York City event in October at which McInnes was speaking.

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I love the labeling of many on the right as…the “alt-right”. The first thing being implied is that anyone in this group is a racist KKK member, when the actual truth is…their methodology is what is really close to fascism. The hypocratic irony would be laughable…if it wasn’t so scary.


Good grief man. He is a self-avowed alt-right White Nationalist.

White Nationalist repeatedly breaks the rules of a private company. Private company warns and warns, yet White Nationalist persists. Private company removes White Nationalist from their property. Yeah, super scary fascism man. Ooga Booga Booga. :rofl:


Copy right infringement? What’s the problem? They should kick him off.

You’re out in the dark right now and don’t even know it.

Uh huh. Trust the plan, right? :rofl:

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Labeling people as hateful who aren’t hateful…is what’s actually hateful. You trust who you choose but remember…it was your choice.


Gavin McGuinness is a terrible person and should be deported.

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For plagiarism? Sounds a bit harsh.

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Good grief - I wasn’t familiar with the Proud Boys, so I just googled them. I wouldn’t even link to much of what I found due to concern for the content being a TOS violation here.

This is one of the primary things that concerns me about the Trump presidency. In recent history, these groups have been vanquished to the shadows where they belong. With the ascendance of the Trump presidency, these groups have been given the perception of being more mainstream and they are coming out of the shadows.

How anyone can defend this type of trash is simply beyond me.


Nah… for being a terrible person who incites violence

Ship him back to Canada

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Coming out of the shadows how? In response to antifa et al? Is that not to be expected?

How much blame does the media have?

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Would it matter? He does his deeds on the internet.

Nope. He does it in the real world.

Is the memory hole that deep now?

Ok, deport him for “judged as being of bad character.”

Anybody else?

You weren’t familiar with them but…you Googled them and went with Googles opinion as your own?

Have you actually visited any of their sites or discussion groups?

I am a proud man.

No but I have watched Gavin’s videos and never thought him to be a racist of any kind.

Waving a sword around in the middle of NYC and inciting a riot.

Yeah… get him out of here.