‘SOCIAL CRISIS’: San Francisco Residents Flee 'Waste-Filled Sidewalks'

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/social-crisis-san-francisco-residents-flee-waste-filled-sidewalks/

Once one of the country’s most beautiful cities, San Francisco has been plagued by rising crime, homelessness, and drug use in recent years; with things getting so bad that the Bay Area has now been labeled the ‘Doo Doo Capital’ of the country.

According to real estate website RentHop, San Francisco is “the city with the highest amount of complaints about fecal matter on sidewalks.”

“Living in a s—ty neighborhood has a whole new meaning for San Franciscans,” RentHop states. “Unlike what we saw in Chicago and New York, the city center of San Francisco is, sadly, covered by poop, and neighborhoods away from the city center see fewer complaints (except for Golden Gate Park).”

“While one would assume that lower-income neighborhoods might experience worse poop issues, that is not the case in San Francisco,” according to the website. “It seems that the poop crisis in San Francisco is unlike what we see in other cities (where you can just blame it on the cute furry little friends of ours), it reflects more so a social crisis.”

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