So yall just gonna IGNORE ME?

oh ain’t you special.GWH.

And a MOD now!


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'Sup Spidey!

Still fighting the foolish fight I see.

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I apologize for the “snark” GWH… I remember when you joined and just couldn’t help myself.

It’s all good folks.

Format changed and I’m getting too old to care to figure it out.

Since this is in TP…

Here’s an update for those that remember me…and/or care…

My 4th son got married last year… (He’s 30 and working on his doctorate in organic chemistry)

I’m up to 10 grands…oldest started college in 2018! Youngest is 6 . Love them all but I really need some fresh, “new baby”

In my 60’s now.

Business is gonna be 8 years old on Mothers Day and I’m trying to open a second location this year.

I really miss the old days here…

No matter which “side” won or lost the debate…?

We had some GREAT & memorable battles!


I KNEW it was you!


…of course. Someone’s gotta do it? :sunglasses: :us:

I meant it. Good to see you back! How are your sons?