So will the SCOTUS end affirmative action?

Well is it time for America to stop discriminating against Asians?


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It will end 6 to 3 in the North Carolina case and 6 to 2 in the Harvard case, though the Harvard case may end up being decided as a vacate and remand without a formal opinion.

Yes, and libs will pile on the black guy for it. :rofl:


This. :point_up_2:

In hindsight I also should have asked “should they?”

Yes they should.

Why doesn’t the wise latina know the difference between de jure and de facto?

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All the HR training I ever took made it clear that Affirmative Action is NOT quotas. True AA means that when deciding to fill a slot from among multiple candidates, race only becomes a factor if all other criteria are equal. In essence, race becomes a tie breaker, and even then, it comes into play only if/when the existing body of (employees/students/recipients) is not representative of the population at large.

Maybe the SCOTUS ruling would reinforce the original intentions and structure of AA.

To use race as a tie breaker? So, if everything else is the same, it’s ok to hire the guy with the whitest skin?


MEH it probably will, and probably should.

In most cases though (eg admission to 2nd or 3rd tier college) it really doesn’t do any palpable harm.

AA is an insult to minorities…


If white skin is underrepresented in the current workforce.

Biden will claim it’s first link putting you all back in chains.

As a minority I disagree.

I think peoples wrong interpretation or implementation of AA may be an insult. However AA itself is not a quota system.

Individuals are hired for their abilities, not to represent religions, races etc. No person who has a job in a particular field who has my same skin color represents me. Now if when everything is equal, history shows one race always selected at a company, that may be evidence of discrimination.
Or so it should be.

“Or so it should be” is carrying a lot of weight here.

No one commits murder. Or so it should be.

That’s covered under the part about “all other criteria being equal”.

Only to the ones who have their own merit. :wink:


All other criteria being equal, flip a coin. Discrimination by big companies in hiring based on race was made illegal in the 1960s. It is not to be used as a criteria.