So why no leaked calls to world leaders

So why no leaks from Biden call to Xi Jinping. How come no hero coming forward? Or any other calls that Biden was on?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Guess he doesn’t have the leakiest presidential administration in history like the last guy whatshisname.


Maybe because his phone calls were more beautiful and pristine then Trumps phone calls. Just sayin’ :wink:

Or maybe it’s just BDS…

You know that most calls have advisers listening in?

Basically every single one, so you have a witness as well as a recording.

Oh and a translator except with the Anglo countries and Ireland.

T. J Ducklo is on the job… that’s why.

Typically, the White House releases what’s known as a “read out” which is a summary and often a transcript of the calls. They are of course scrubbed for classified information and that sort of thing. For example, you can go to right now for the readout of Biden’s call with Z.

The Trump administration didn’t like to do this, Trump liked to keep his calls private-which was suspicious given that he was doing public business of America. I suspect why that’s why his White House was so leaky regarding calls.


Maybe President Biden doesn’t say crazy ■■■■ that causes leaks?


Biden purged anyone he could from the last administration. He had an organization of loyalists waiting for him.
Trump was totally unfamiliar with what it would be like and didn’t have his people to put in place. He allowed his “deep state” to remain in place.

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This is super cute.

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Given that Trump staffed up with hacks and people entirely unsuited for their appointments, who can blame him?

That is genuinely hilarious.

That is standard for every administration

Maybe biden should have kept ivanka and jared. those two morons practically did nothing and enrich themselves during the 4 years. Trump based hiring based on nepotism, looks and loyalty - instead of skills and experience.

Let this be a lesson for next republican admin…fire everyone from previous regime. Leave no one from their admin in power.

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Which positions did Biden fire that Trump did not?

I think the lesson learned here for Republicans is don’t elect someone as incompetent and awful as Trump.

You would think that a Stable Genius would know better. I know I would have fired everyone and started with my own people. But really, isn’t this just an excuse?