So why haven't the arbiters of racism denounced Darwin?


That seems like a stretch. If the likeness is not physical, but in control, then shouldn’t we have God-like powers over the Earth? Why can’t I just will a new species into existence? Create and destroy mountains with my mind?

How do you conclude which interpretation of a verse is the correct one?


Rauner isn’t a Progressive.


That was covered some where way back in the 1500+ post, it doesn’t stop his neuroses to science on bit.


And Trump wouldn’t have won if more people had voted for Hillary. What’s your point?


“Authors”? I thought God wrote it. :wink:


Holy ghost writer?


You have an answer for everything, don’t you. :smile:


If the election was just about who people voted for, Hilary DID win.


You hold on to that. :wink:


you hold that thought come 2020 :wink:


Thank you for agreeing that its the voters fault.


I do cause no matter how bad you think she is more people wanted her to be president than trump.


You sure seem desperate to disassociate yourself from Trump.

I’ll also add applying your logic to past elections means Reagan’s election is due to Carter and the Democrats who voted for Carter.

Personal responsibility?


Cognitive dissonanance!!!


Yes, I try.


Context. There are rules for interpreting text, chief among them is context, using words as the author meant them in context.


No we won’t see thatbTrump did much of those things because he didn’t do them.

And his “empire building” left him so much in debt he can’t borrow from legitimate sources anymore…which is likely one reason he keeps getting into the trouble he gets into.

As for being elected President, I’ll give him credit for latching on to a unique moment in history and circumstance and for realizing a whole bunch of voters would be snowed by his simple sixth grade speech becuae he was tickling their ears with exactly what they wanted to hear.

Throw in the worst possible candidate to oppose him…

Yet woth all this going for him, he only squeaked out a win.


Not true! He had the biggest electoral win since Reagan… “people” told him so.


Did you even see the mini series that character came from. It was about people driven by their own insecurity. It was so you.


No. The voters are not responsible for the names on the ballot.