So why haven't the arbiters of racism denounced Darwin?


Sorry to hear about your troubles, hope you get off that wheel eventually.


The higher a progressive climbs the monkey tree, the more you see its behind.


About now an inferiority complex is kicking in. Worse for you, its not a very good one.


There are scientific estimates for the age of both. Are you dismissing those out of hand?


A gaggle of redneck degenerates give unhinged Trump their vote because they believed all the big lies he tells every day.

“silent majority”? It’s odd you believe this, since Trump got elected with a minority of the vote. I see this kind of behavior every day on television, in talk shows, in comedian sets, on any live television, you’re trying to tell me this behavior is the same as during Bush? During Bush 41? During Reagan?

And as far as all the jobs and economy and such, it’s odd you want credit for all that when you gave none to Obama. We were well on track for all these projections before 2017, stop pretending Trump isn’t riding Obama’s coat tails.

This is unprecedented, there has never been this much disdain for any president in recent history. And your electoral “majority” is silent, on what planet? I see nothing but loud obnoxious whiney petulant children.

It’s not Hollywood’s fault you elected an unprecedented abomination. Perhaps you should stop blaming them for your abortion of a president.


ohhhh we don’t know the age down to the millisecond, suuuch a great point wildrose. Suuuuuch a great point as always.



You should go first, what specific monkey species was it that fell out of the stupid tree hitting every branch on the way down to mutate into a progressive?

That’s easy. There wasn’t one. A species can’t collectively fall out of a tree and political ideologies don’t arise from physical mutations. I recall the tree of knowledge from the Bible, but I don’t recall the stupid tree. I guess that’s the tree God wish Adam and Eve ate from instead of the tree of knowledge.

Okay, your turn now. What color skin does God have?


OK, props to you… you were the last person I expected a LEXX reference form.


In fairness that was nothing more than dogma.

People back then assumed the earth was the center of the universe. The Bible actually doesn’t say anything about it.


General relativity is a bit much for this forum. Even I have trouble with the math after having studied tensor analysis in school.

Dumb it down for the libs if you want to make a point.


If you cant understand it, no one can! Lolz


… and creationism doesn’t require any assumptions at all…

You aren’t very good at this, yet you go on, and on, and on…


There are elements of fundamentalist Christianity today that believe the sun revolves around the earth.


Yes I know.

Those people are called idiots.


And I think BAC believes it and is too much the coward to admit it.


Who would have thought that relativity would be so complicated?


Does that hallucination comfort you, stop your reality from tearing even further?

Never said creationism doesn’t require any assumptions, you hallucinated that delusion. Cognitive Dissonance.


Cognitive Dissonance. That’s a Catholic site, not “fundamentalist Christian.” Robert Sungenis is the main proponent. I spent many enjoyable hours on Steve Rays board debating Catholicism with him.

His acceptance of the theory is odd, he is way more intelligent than any progressives posting here. Why don’t you engage him, I’d like to see him hand you your ass.


No, I do not.