So why haven't the arbiters of racism denounced Darwin?


I don’t need to keep reading, it’s already been provided to you.


Heh, it explicitly says He created the sun the moon and the stars on the fourth day. Do you disagree?


It also says he created day, night, and the light on day two.

You can’t have those without the earth rotating and the sun.

If anything he gave them names on the fourth day.


Nonsense, God can make night and day and light without a sun. The verse is clear, He didn’t name them on the fourth day, he created them on the fourth day. Says so right in the Book.

You’re remarkable.


Run with that if you want.


Yes, when discussing what the Bible says, I’ll run with what the Bible says.


I will too. He created the days/nights/ light on the 2nd day.


And the sun the moon and the stars on the fourth.

But in any event, your interpretation also has Him creating the Sun after the Earth.

Do you think the Earth is older than the Sun?


We don’t know the age of either with any certainty so I don’t claim to know.


Heh, astonishing.


We knew how solar systems form, and its not by this religious mumbo jumbo. And it’s not in 7 days.


You think that actually explains it?

Where did all of the matter and energy in the universe come from? When precisely was the earth formed and when precisely did the sun start producing life visible from earth?


They don’t reduce a person to their skin, they oppose those who do judge people by their skin color… but why are we talking about progressives? I’m the one asking you, not a progressive.

Why are you scared to answer the question? Are you worried he’s going to smite you if you get it wrong?

Wouldn’t you like to start off with something safer? What’s God’s hair color?


Else where its phrased “in the likeness of God” so I think its literally man looks like God.


In which version of the bible?


You should go first, what specific monkey species was it that fell out of the stupid tree hitting every branch on the way down to mutate into a progressive?


Whichever species was slightly smarter than the one who took the same trip and mutated into a conservative.


That reminds me of “Stanley Tweedle” (LEXX ), “you can’t even make up your own proper insult.”-Robot Head

Its sad one arrives so quickly at Wit’s End.


There’s no need to use wit to reply to that feeble jab, just turning it around suffices.


Hamsters turn it around and around, but they get nowhere.