So why haven't the arbiters of racism denounced Darwin?


What does that have to do with God’s skin color? If you don’t know, just say you don’t know.


It would be whatever he chose to appear as.


Usually blue.


So God has a male human body but his various pigments aren’t set?


I think you’re thinking of Papa Smurf… I understand… Its the beards.


‘‘End up in prison’’, that was funny.


Progressives are obsessed with race:



I know what cognitive dissonance is.


He could appear as a rock spewing forth water or a burning bush too for that matter. He’s God, he gets to make the rules.


Any good magician can do that today.


No they can’t, they can perform tricks. They cant’ change their form.


No, that’s what makes them good magicians. You really think some goat hearder living 4000 years ago could tell the difference.


Why are you avoiding answering the question.

If you don’t know we could reason it out… Man is created in God’s image, so one would reason that God looks like a person and therefore has skin. Could God get a sunburn?


God gives the sun a godburn.


Why are progressives so obsessed with skin color? Why do they reduce persons to skin?

Reason that out for us.


Then you noticed the “tells” in your reply that reduced the complex to one variable, and the HAHAHA “funny”


This entire thread is HAHAHA funny. And you IMO are the type of religious nut that keep the world in Dark Ages if it was up to them. But that’s just my opinion.


Or it simply means that god created man as what he imagined we should look like.

It could also mean that he created man using the same basic genetic code he used for all of creatiion’s living organism, you know, DNA.


If I said anything to offend you, please let me know. I might want to do it again.