So why haven't the arbiters of racism denounced Darwin?


so were southern slavers.


Hoo boy. I think you perhaps misunderstood the ideas in evolutionary biology about human evolution beginning in Africa and then decided to layer a whole lot of stupid on top of that misunderstanding.


Thank you. That is an overwhelming mas of irrefutable evidence Darwin and his fellow progressives are racists:

man in a more civilised state, as we may hope, even than the Caucasian, and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as now between the negro or Australian and the gorilla.




This is one of your more ridiculous threads.

“Survival of the Fittest” is not racist.

That the most highly successful species become dominant is not racist.

Merit based immigration is not racist.

While we all may be equal in the eyes of God and under the law (supposedly) not all people are equal but race has little to do with it.


The left could, with a bold direct stroke, strike at the foundation of racism.

Deny the “ape black” connection.

Yet they do not. Why?


Seriously BAC, you should just quit.


Seriously, even former evolutionists realize the complexity of DNA requires a “programmer.”

Every entity is a discrete program. Programs don’t evolve from slime.


No way. It’s much easier to believe that in the beginning there was only adam and eve, and all of us are really just incestuous offspring.


Even if evolved from apes, the same applies therefore you have proved nothing.


No not really, you see there was far more than two apes that could have evolved at the same time, different continents, different strains, etc.

Let me put it another way. Two white people have a child, does that child come out black? How many generations of inbreeding would it take to produce a completely different race?


But the racist “ape black” connection persists, and THAT is the foundation of racism. Reject that, and discrimination against blacks goes away.


I copy pasted the wrong link:

Candace Owens brings it all to modern day.


Can’t believe what Google did to prevent my posting Candice Owen’s link.



You’ve outdone yourself with this thread, Alfie.

And that’s saying something.


Honest to god; when I was a kid, my grandfather told me how the amount of moon dust proved the earth was too young for evolution to be real.


I’m sure that had he learned that the different “races” are not on a different evolutionary time scale he would have modified his views. Based on the evidence. He was wrong about some things, as are we all at times.


Reject something that doesn’t even exist?

And what does Raelism (which I"ve never even heard of) have to do with ANYTHING?


Precisely. Judging people from the 19th century for their attitudes toward race with 21st century values is wrong.


So was Robert E. Lee.