So why do we need a wall?


Build a wall from sea to shining sea, put a guard and a rifle ever 200 feet to shoot whoever jumps it and you’d have a incredibly stupid but effective plan.

This analogy stinks.


Detention is not law enforcement.


What? It is law enforcement that puts them in detention.


They’ve yet to be adjudicated. It’s not enforcing a law since they haven’t been found guilty of breaking the law.

You see the difference yet?


Let’s draw upon your military experience… Please help us calculate the fastest speed a rapid deployment force could deploy and the what the 24X7X365 manpower requirements would be for, I don’t know, 1000 miles of border. Should keep the math easy… What logistical support would be needed at each location where the rapid deployment forces were based…


I know all about Operation Eagle Claw and what led to JSOC. And if you really were a part of this, then we both know 1980 substantially narrows your claim of authority regarding extensive knowledge of security and breaches as a result of 13.5 years with SOCOM/JSOC.






If they can’t track them, how do we know there’s an “emergency”?

And there are people who do some homework to track them:

But I’ll add a question of how much sense it makes to declare a national emergency and/or spend $5B (for starters) for an ineffectual structure if, as you claim, we apparently are not even capable of scoping the problem.


Because it’s entirely political


The thread title is a trick question. The answer is, “We don’t”.


The LIB argument is that walls don’t work. Yet there are prime examples throughout history and in our everyday life proving otherwise.


In your humble opinion.


Not saying walls don’t work. I’m saying the wall being proposed here won’t work (if you can call it that since you have adamantly refused to show us what is being proposed). If you want to talk about effective prison security, please start a thread.

Otherwise please try to stay on topic.


That’s an inaccurate attempt to represent “LIB argument” which is fascinating.


And??? :confused:


LIBs are by far the loudest voice against the wall, on the premise that it doesn’t work. Oh and we can’t forget how immoral it is.


I figure I’m entitled to it…I mean, after all it is Trump’s not so humble, and not so educated opinion that we do need one.

He’s wrong, and so are you.


You’re very bad at explaining what “libs” think. I’d stick to explaining what you think, which is also a challenge for you.


Not really. Mr. Trump and his supporters are a fractional minority and are the most vocal proponents of this stupid waste of money. Yes Dems, libs, Independents, conservatives who actually want to limit illegal immigration, Republicans who want to solve the issue of illegal immigration, hard right conservatives that want to restrict LEGAL immigration, the average Americans, and the overwhelming majority of Americans are opposed to this stupid idea.