So why do we need a wall?


Well, I know you find this difficult to understand so I’ll try and help.

It’s a law enforcement operation which includes intelligence, they know who the coyotes and cartels are and the routes that they follow.

They also count the number of those they catch.

They base their estimates on those numbers. Typically the BP says they catch about 10% of those attempting to enter illegally.

You do not have to provide ID on the US side when exiting the country into Mexico so they have no way to monitor how many illegals are leaving voluntarily,


Prisons don’t have 2000 mile perimeters and they don’t have massive gaps in the fence.

They also shoot you when crossing the prison fence and at a lot of other countries too.

The question is, is it needed. The answer is no. It’s not needed. We’re doing fine.


Wrong. Those are facts baby


So we really don’t need prison walls at all? Since walls don’t work, we could just flood the area with prison guards and no barriers would be needed?


Hey I get it. Lefties can’t tell the difference. :wink:


When did you retire?


The whole point of “the wall” is to eliminate those “massive gaps”.

We certainly are not doing fine or the detention centers would not be overflowing to the point they have to keep dumping people out onto the streets.


In the mid nineties. I didn’t retire though, I left at the end of my last enlistment.


Look at this emergency. Look at how its skyrocketing. More proof that much of this is just hysteria from the right. Like the Muslim ban trump called for.


Curious. SOCOM was founded in 1987. You left after your last enlistment in the mid-nineties, yet have 13.5 years experience with SOCOM.


For sure. Let’s make America look like a prison. Our own Berlin wall. Watch towers every 100 yards.


It suddenly became an emergency the second the Democrats took the house.


Exactly. Trump cant get the votes so hes going to cook up an “emergency”.


Yeah, this is a lot more complicated than you think.

CBP used to produce estimates but when questioned regarding their methodology they admitted they have basically none. This was during the Obama administration. So they went back and developed some decent methodology. It has a lot in common with epidemiology which is something I know about about. I read the paper and thought it was okay.

No where in there do they estimate they catch 10% of entrants. I’d love to see your source for this.


Did you notice some asylum seekers ended up in the United States, El Paso to be exact



Next Democrat president should call global warming national security natural disaster emergency and start forcing renewables


There isn’t going to be a wall across the entire border so there will always be massive gaps.


The detention centers are overflowing because Trump is an idiot and decided to enact his zero tolerance policy.

I imagine the jails would all be overflowing if no one was ever granted bail too as an analogy.

It’s a manufacture crisis.


JSOC was established in 1980, it is part of SOCOM.


Horse hockey, they are overflowing because the law is being enforced.