So why do we need a wall?


In their day they were quite effective.


Many of them tried, they were turned away.


Why would you even care? I certainly don’t care whether or not you are happy.


Spikes can easily be covered with a simple piece of wood - been done. “Sophisticated technology”? The president says that’s just “meaningless bells and whistles”.

Maybe a steam powered catapult to shoot them back over?


So it’s almost like they gathered into large groups to make it obvious they had no intention of entering illegally? Right? And everyone knew that? Right?

It’s almost like we are being lied to by the president and the administration about it, huh?


The 5.7 billion requested would only supply an additional 200 miles of “wall”…this plan was poorly thought out and poorly executed.

I am surprised that so called conservatives would trust centgov to build a 2000 mile barrier across the southern border when there is no clear plan, let alone clear direction for such a massive project.

Best case scenario for Trumpers the wall starts to get built and it gets tied up in courts for decades, the whole thing does not make sense.


Need a moat, with crocodiles!


They all worked very well, particularly the Berlin wall.

The Maginot line and GWOC worked so well that the enemy had to circumvent them rather than breach them.

The Berlin Wall worked well enough to cut the flow of East Germans getting into Berlin by over 99%.


I guess I’m a better person then you? I genuinely care about the happiness and well-being of all of my brothers and sisters in this great nation.


No, they really weren’t.


They gathered in masse to force their will. What they encountered was certainly unexpected. The actions Trump took mitigated the threat. It doesn’t negate the fact that it was very real.


Why do we have police if people commit crimes anyway?


Do you seriously doubt the effectiveness of the berlin wall in its day? Seriously?


Fascinating. Lol


False, they went to, and encountered exactly what they expected in terms of illegally crossing the border…


For the clueless.


Did you ask them?


The effectiveness of the Berlin wall is due to the manned guard towers with visual observation of every inch…

Kind of like what we should do with surveillance, instead of an expensive wall, huh?


So they could have been just as effective with no physical barrier of any kind? And you honestly believe that horsepucky?


Surveillance alone is useless, we don’t have the manpower to control the border without physical deterrents and obstacles.

The plan for the “wall” includes electronic monitoring, surveillance, and a rapid reaction force to interdict illegals attempting to cross.