So why do we need a wall?


Legally that is the only way.

Illegally, they can cross the border anywhere and simply turn themselves in. Those sitting in tents waiting their turn are attempting to do it legally.


Show me…………….


That’s not even close to true… The administration tried that already and has been shot down by a federal court… As the judge said, “Whatever the scope of the president’s authority, he may not rewrite the immigration laws to impose a condition that Congress has expressly forbidden,”


Fascinating. Lol


You can’t show me, because it never happened. Nothing fascinating about that. :wink:


Are we talking about the same thing?

If someone crosses our border outside of a legal port of entry, they are doing so illegally. That has nothing to do with Trump.

I do agree that these illegal aliens will be allowed to ask for asylum.

What’s sad is that those who do it the right way are punished, while those who do it illegally are rewarded. And that is just fine with DEMs. One way or the other these illegals will be able to reward DEMs with their vote. Mark my words.


Both of which can be detected and interdicted.

Where we have walls in place crossings have dropped 90-95% so we know they work just as they have worked throughout history.


Complete non sequitur, congrats.


Fascinating Lol



They go to the path of least resistance, which will still exist even with a full wall… just with an added ladder.

Not a valid point.


So a tall new steel wall with spikes, backed up by sophisticated technology will be the path of least resistance for thousands of migrants in a caravan headed to the U.S. border? Seriously???


It is a valid point hence the reason walls work every day as a very effective deterrent all over the world. The argument that they don’t is simply false on it’s face.

The purpose of a wall isn’t to create an impregnable barrier, it is to create a deterrent and delaying effect that dissuades most from even attempting to cross it and makes it very easy to catch those who do.


I see no admonishment. I see only an invitation on my part.


With spikes!!!?!!! WOW!

Will there be heads impaled on them, or not?


And the areas that made sense already have a wall. Done!


You made the point that any wall can be breached. I don’t disagree that a very determined individual might be able to breach the most impenetrable barrier.

Where we disagree is on whether an impenetrable barrier would become the path of choice for thousands of caravan illegals.


If that were true illegal crossings would be down by over 90% along the whole of the border.

The people charged with actually securing the border fully support completing the physical barriers whatever you want to call them.


That’s where the caravan already chose to end up… at a wall and obvious port of entry. Haven’t you been paying attention?

They are not “illegal” BTW.


The areas you reference have nothing in the way of a serious barrier. Using that as your argument, is insincere.