So why do we need a wall?


Well yea! Are you really interested in anyone’s opinion but your own???


Or how much it will cost, or how the funds will be spent. Lol


Why did the last caravan go to Tijuana?


Given that that this topic has never been discussed before, I can understand why a person would keep asking the same question over and over.


Congratulations. You can finally read what I’ve written.

Too bad you don’t feel like discussing the issue.


According to the article, they are waiting in tents for their opportunity to ask for asylum. As pointed out, once they ask, they are allowed to remain. With the proposed policy they would then need to go back to Mexico to wait.

But the operative word is that they aren’t being allowed to enter the U.S. en masse.


Last I checked it is still a free country. I can pick and choose what I will discuss, just as you can. There are no rules, simply free choice.


Actually this is the first time I asked the question, in direct response to the OP.


You tell me.


Why not? I saw a news video recently of a Mexican legislator who did just that - climbed an existing 30 foot wall with spikes, put a plank across the spikes, and sat there being interviewed.

And that “high tech” stuff? Not sure how its purchase could ever be justified, given that the President of the United States has declared it to be “meaningless bells and whistles”. I’m sure you don’t want your tax dollars going to meaningless bells and whistles, amirite?

“Without the Wall there can be no Border Security - the Tech “stuff” is just, by comparison, meaningless bells & whistles…”

“The Drones & Technology are just bells and whistles.”


There is no sign that they have implemented the policy… When they do, lawsuits will be filed and the courts will order the policy revised to allow those seeking asylum into the country based on a number of legal issues with this policy.

‘The US can’t dump people in Mexico’: Trump asylum policy in doubt


No doubt. But it is still fascinating considering your prior admonishments of people unwilling to enter into discussion. Lol


That’s because they are only processing about 100 per day… Perhaps we could use $5 billion and hire more CBP agents to decrease the backlog…


I agree the policy hasn’t been implemented. But that policy only deals with the few hundred each day that are allowed access to ask for that asylum. Once they do ask, under current regulations, they are allowed to remain.

There are still thousands waiting in Mexico for the opportunity to legally ask for asylum through a legal port of entry.


So we want to use the $5 billion to encourage and allow anyone and everyone who would come to our borders to exploit loopholes in our asylum law in a more expeditious manner?


in the 1960s/1970s we designed and launched two space craft that are now almost to interstellar space…

in 2018 we want to build this…


The administration announced two weeks ago that they would be required to wait in Mexico for their hearings. What happened to that policy? Just an FYI, they are not required to ask for asylum at a port of entry…


This is why any attempt at discussion with you always goes awry.

Back to your old silly games.


That was a publicity stunt.

So one more time.

Will a caravan of 3,000 illegals look for the highest steel barrier with spikes to climb or will they look for a border crossing with no physical barrier?


So is the wall