So why do we need a wall?


What you seem to be implying is that these large caravans will seek out a border wall and that they will en masse climb over the wall with a ladder???

Is that what you are implying??? :confused:


They’ll bring picnic baskets, too. Because they’ll have a picnic after they do it.


Natural barriers are integral to the discussion of whether we need a wall.

I’d wager you know this but don’t want to actually discuss the issue.


I’ve offered my opinion on why we need a wall. Your reluctance to offer your opinion tells me that you don’t believe we need a wall.

So I’m good. :+1:


So you believe these thousands will intentionally seek out one of Trump’s new steel barriers to climb with a ladder and that those thousands of illegals will do so undetected?



We will know them from their picnic baskets.



You are simply making a joke!

haha! :rofl:


I’m not kidding. Unless Trump can uninvent the ladder, there’s no reason to put up a wall.


The caravans are applying for asylum… The don’t need to breach a wall… They just present themselves for a hearing…


Here’s my opinion: “We don’t need a wall.”


Why would any intelligent conversation about a border wall not include natural barriers? That’s silly.


Well, if there are pointy spikes on the wall, he’ll also need to uninvent the piece of wood that could be placed over them to render them quickly and cheaply ineffective.


Knock yourself out if that is what you would like to discuss. I’m simply interested in whether or not you believe we need a wall. I have you down for an unequivocal no. :+1:


Uh, I definitely told you my opinion. I guess you don’t accept that because it’s not the “right” one according to you.


And wait for that hearing in Mexico.


I don’t think you’re interested in anything except your own opinion.


You told me your opinion on a great many things, but not on whether or not you believe we need a wall. But that’s ok. I have you down for a no.


So you too believe that these large caravans will head for the nearest new steel wall with spikes so that they can climb the wall and be detected by the latest technology so that they can be tear gassed to force them to back away from the wall???

Is that really what you believe will happen??


Arbitrary rules on what you will and won’t discuss. Fascinating. Lol


That appears to the administrations position but there will be lawsuits filed challenging this approach. It’s likely they will win since this imposes all kinds of logistical issues related to their hearings. This might be why nobody is seeing this happening…

Two weeks after order, no sign of ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy at the border