So who is winning the trade war? China or the United states. 1-14-2019 edition

“Exports to the U.S. in 2018 rose 11.3 percent to $478.4 billion despite Trump’s punitive duties in a fight over Chinese technology ambitions, customs data showed Monday. Imports of American goods rose just 0.7 percent over 2017, reflecting Beijing’s retaliatory tariffs and encouragement to importers to buy more from non-U.S. suppliers.”

China is kicking the United States in the butt.

imports into the United States rose dramatically whilst US exports went only went up slightly.

This in spite of Trumps tariffs.

Tariffs just have not worked out so far.

wonder what everyone else is thinking.


MAGA :us:


Tariffs are taxes and it is we who pay them, along with fewer exports which is not good for the bottom line.

Anyone who thinks Trump did the middle class any favors with his tax cut that benefits mostly the wealthy is delusional.

And tariffs on building materials like steel and wood just when construction and housing is trying to take off?


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Who knew economic policy could be so complicated?

total and utter retard:

Donald Trump doesn’t understand how trade works.

This isn’t news to anyone who has being paying attention.

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five bucks says his dad knew he was a bad businessman.