So when will Wikipedia add "Russia Collusion" to its list of conspiracy theories?

My guess is never since its editors tend to be liberals and academics who still believe this conspiracy theory is true. For reference here is a list of political conspiracy theories according to Wikipedia:

8 Government, politics and conflict
8.1 Illuminati
8.2 False flag operations
8.3 9/11
8.4 Sandy Hook
8.5 Clintons
8.6 Barack Obama
8.7 FEMA
8.8 African National Congress
8.9 Cultural Marxism
8.10 Deep state
8.11 Sutherland Springs

Arguably more time and money have been spent investigating and disproving collusion between the Trump campaign / administration and Russia than all the other political conspiracy theories combined. That included an estimated $32 to 35 million in taxpayer money for the Mueller investigation, plus uncounted millions for investigations from the FBI and other federal agencies. Yet somehow “Russian Collusion” is not on the list.

Is the label “conspiracy theory” limited to stories promoted by people like Alex Jones and others on the right?

Or does the mainstream media have it own conspiracy theories under the guise of “objective” journalism?

After Trump is added to Mount Rushmore.


There should be a movement to put Trump on Mt Rushmore. Trump would be on it so fast his handlers could never control him.

Not to worry. Nobody is going to add to The Mona Lisa or Mt. Rushmore. Fiddle farting around with someone else’s art is tacky.

Tacky is what Trump does. You must be kidding. Look at how the clown dresses.

The same time Trump is recognized as the greatest, smartest, best looking president in the history of the country since both things are equally true.

What? Is he wearing that ugly blue pant suit again? :open_mouth:

Hillary on her worst day looked better than Trump.

■■■■■ what am I doing, trying to teach dress-up to a mountain hillbilly.

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I am not holding my breath on Trump appearing on Mount Rushmore. Mount Rushmore has four white males, including two slave holders and two Republicans. Its days are numbered if progressives have their way:

Of course there are other ways for the media and academic elites to make up for the pervasive anti-Trump conspiracy theories and myths. Perhaps the Nobel committee can retroactively give Trump Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize:

Or perhaps public schools can repurpose their hymns to Obama with a kind word or two for President Trump:

After all President Trump is the son of a poor immigrant who spoke English as a second language . . .

Well I’m glad you think so. Too bad Bill isn’t as enthusiastic.

You are free to edit/add to Wikipedia at will. Perhaps Wikipedia editors tend to be liberals and academics because conservatives and … whatever the opposite of academics is… are too busy weeping about bias and not actually editing/creating content. Get out there and make a difference instead of impressing all the conservatives on this site with your brave and completely useless post.


You saying the Donald had eyes for Bill. :heart_eyes:

What a nimrod. The Nobel peace prize is given to those who accomplish something. Not to those you hope will accomplish something. What a dork.

Even Obama admits to being embarrassed by the Nobel Prize. That’s a problem Trump will NEVER have.

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To his credit. The man is not totally without honor.

Never say never:

Jimmy Kimmel, really. Obama will be a quartile higher than Trump. :wink:

Go add it yourself. Isn’t that how it works.

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Completely true, but nothing beatsconservative whining. :slight_smile:

Never in his wildest fantasies.