So when exactly is the fascism supposed to begin?


The President lied and Acosta politely called him on it. And that’s propaganda?

The caravan is not an invasion.

Do you really think it is?


Your article was put out to deflect from Brett Kavanaugh. You accidentally linked to conservative propaganda. Good work.


Nope not even close.


I answered your question and you refuse delivery?

Not much else to add.



Do you not understand the President is propagandizing some peoples’ fear of dark skinned people by referring to the Caravan as an invasion? How is calling him out on that bad?

It’s not a new tactic.


Denigrating another persons opinion is not a winning argument.

Its an old and tired tactic.



That’s entirely what winning an argument is. And I won.


The Caravan isn’t an invasion.


Good for you. I never stood a chance.



You could have if you had provided an example of your claim.


Of course it isn’t.

The people caught up in it aren’t pawns either.


The first step to Fascism or Authoritarianism is to demonize your rival to make them criminals.

both parties do this.


DNC doesn’t invite ANTIFA to speak or “Police” their event. GOP openly invites extremist group to their public events.


Lolz. Muh bothsides!


I’m a teacher. I was never instructed to begin teaching fascist principles under Obama. Why not?



Thank you. And here’s a more recent report supporting what they said, that Al Franken is getting back in politics. Its from that hotbead of conservative propaganda, the Associate Press.


From your own link:

Franken declined an interview request, and he hasn’t made clear yet exactly how he will seek to become more publicly involved. He said in his Facebook post that he is “certainly not running for anything.” Even if he was interested, Minnesota’s Senate seats and governorship are locked down for the near future by fellow Democrats.