So when EXACTLY does this become news?

It appears that Hunter Biden has “lost” yet another laptop. For those of you who are counting, this makes three. He confessed this to a Russian hooker that he had just humped and of course recorded the conversation. The videos are of him humping other high priced call girls. He thinks the laptop may have been stolen by his drug dealer and could be in the possession of the cartels. Even Hunter is worried that he could be blackmailed. But as of yet, this does not appear to be much of a news story. Any idea why? What does it take to get coverage by the TV networks? There are serious national security risks here. Seriously. Three laptops? Pretty stupid for the smartest man that Joe Biden knows.

Later, the woman asks Hunter if he is concerned that the videos could be used to “blackmail” him.

“Yeah in some way yeah,” Hunter responds. “My dad [inaudible] running for president. He is. I talk about it all the time.”

Hunter Biden Says He Lost ANOTHER Laptop to Russian Drug Dealers in Naked Pillow Talk (

First line of the article…

“The alleged incident”


Yeah. Probably not enough to convince Scratch. He probably only lost two laptops and was worried about being blackmailed over his golf score when he said this.

Later, the woman asks Hunter if he is concerned that the videos could be used to “blackmail” him.

“Yeah in some way yeah,” Hunter responds. “My dad [inaudible] running for president. He is. I talk about it all the time.”

So do you think TV news should report on this? Or assume it’s more Russian misinformation and ignore it?

How is it established that the laptop he speaks of in this video is a third one, rather the one that showed up at the store?

My first reaction was that this is the laptop that ended up at the store.

Edit: the laptop used to make this film is the store laptop, so that is why it is 3. Took me a few reads to catch that detail.

astounding how the press barely touches this

proves everything about them

i’m still waiting for the first laptop image to be shared with the whole world…any news on that?

This chooch has a “hey look at me” problem. Losing three devices?? I’m going with intentional here.

Three laptops? A publication gets a copy of a video off one of the hard drives? The FBI has a laptop for months and not a word? No one has confirmed that any of these computers and hard drive files are legit?
Sounds like a whole bunch of nothing at this time.


No pics, never happened.

Remember back before the election when reams of intelligence experts from the obama and Bush eras were pontificating that the laptop was merely a creation of Russian disinformation and not real?

Damn Russkies, always disinfomatin’ sumpin!


Except there is a recording that you can listen to where Hunter describes the incident?

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…and now consider if this was a Trump?

Maybe someone should ask him? That might be a pretty good place to start. Yeah, I know. I’m a genius.

Really? Who did Hunter think was going to blackmail him and for what? As I asked before, when should this become an actual news story? Do you want more information? Sorry dude. Your Biden ■■■■ show is getting worse by the minute.

The Biden laptop will become news when the CIA/FBI decide it is time to get Joe to leave. Something similar happened recently with the Cuomo resignation.

It is not accident that Biden was selected to be the Democratic nominee when the FBI already knew about the influence peddling and corruption on display in the laptops. They wanted a puppet who was compromised and could be removed at anytime.

Hunter Biden has a drug problem still and filmed himself with prostitutes.

Therefore Joe Biden shouldn’t be President?

He’s a private citizen, and this is none of anyone’s business.

No. Biden shouldn’t be president because he’s a corrupt, incompetent buffoon who runs from reporters and screws up everything he touches.


That didn’t stop the last guy…

…yea I went there…just for you!