So what's up with the site being down so much?

I have the same issue with Safari on iPhone and Firefox and Chrome on Win 10 Pro. I’ve cleared history and cache and cookies .

Edge seems to be the only thing working on this Win 10 box. Anybody else still having the problem?

I’ve been getting a white screen with Safari on my home laptop.
But Firefox on my work (shhh) Windows computer works.

Clear your cookies on the home one, and try again.

Clear your cookies and try again.

Thanks, Snow.

I cleared cookies and history and cache. Restarted browser. Cleared cookies and history and cache and restarted machine. And tried from private/incognito sessions as well with no joy.

computer that you can go online on, log out (if option all devices)

Log out on all devices then log back in. It’s under preferences, bottom right “log out all”

Thanks GW. No joy, at least for Safari on iPhone. I’m not at my home laptop to see if that cleared it up for Firefox and Chrome.

My work laptop works on chrome, IE, and Edge.


Though the work machine is Win 10 Enterprise and the home machine is Win 10 Pro.

Same behavior on all the offending browsers. Site appears to load, but page is blank.

I forced it. Maybe now joy?

Thanks, GW. I’ll kill history, cookies, and cache on my phone and see how it goes. More news shortly.

He shoots, he scores! Musta been some sort of zombie server-side session stuff going on, there.

Well done! I’ll let you know how it goes from home browsers, too, when I get a chance.

The site has been running great the last few days. Thanks to those responsible for fixing it!

I hope the mods can use the response by admin to understand the importance of having open and honest discussions with posters. Many of us spend a significant amount of time here and even though we might bitch and moan we feel protective of the site and invested in the site.

Too many times interesting and informative discussion is shut down by the mods for no apparent reason at all.

I have no doubt that this short yet informative reply by the admin was appreciated by many posters.



Seems they reduced the minimum character filter to five.


Whether anyone learns anything or not, the @Administrator account was able to answer questions professionally and politely, fix critical issues, and accept open/honest feedback from the community.

That’s what leaders do when power is put to good use. If they fix a couple more issues around here, I’ll bet this place might even see a bit of a reverse exodus. lol


I just started having that issue today on my wife’s iPad using Safari. Works fine on my PC with MS Edge.

How do you clear cookies on an iPad?