So what's up with the site being down so much?

Are we looking at another major overhaul of the site or the site running on life support?

I’ve noticed it too. I called the man, aunt bee.

What happened to cause the site outage earlier today?

Hi guys, sorry about that. We migrated to a brand new environment with a bunch more resources behind it to help during peak times when the community has begun to bog down. The work took a bit longer than we expected but we should be good to go now. Sorry for the down time, hopefully it will be all worth it :slight_smile:

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Nice :slight_smile:

I’m still having problems accessing the forum through Chrome/Firefox when on Linux or Android operating systems. The site finishes loading but I have a blank page.

What exactly is causing “peak times” making the community “bog down”? Certainly not too many people, right? lol

The downtime has made it difficult to debate politics here. Hopefully the bad times are behind us.

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We’ve added comments from the forums to the bottom of stories that appear on, like this one:

That story in particular did over 1M views. So while there may not be 1M active users debating and engaging in discussions on the the Hannity community, there are certainly millions who read the comments each month.

The challenge is to be able to “scale up” when breaking news hits and traffic ramps exponentially. The changes we made over the weekend we hope will address some of these scale issues.

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It looks like the refresh issue has been resolved.

Thank you!!

That made posting very frustrating.

Now about all the pervasive and disruptive postings that lean hard left…

I’d be interested to see how you might go about in getting some of those millions of viewers to participate in the Discourse.

Not sure this site gets millions of people who read the comments each month. I bet a lot of these views are bots but I could be wrong.

With such high traffic you would think that would convert into more than the handful of regular posters we have here.

Yes, we knocked the refresh issue out as well. As for the hard left posts - we’ll leave that up to you guys :slight_smile:

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Yesterday alone the community had 250k views from users not logged into an account, just reading comments. Very similar to radio in a lot of ways - 15M people listen to Sean each month on radio, but only a handful call into the show. Converting listener/viewer to active participant is always a challenge!

Thanks for the response. I always find this back office stuff interesting. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Clear your cookies.

had to do that myself to get back on

Thanks. When I woke up this morning it was fixed.

I’m really appreciating the refresh being fixed and site stability being better. Oh, and how Admin is letting us know what’s happening. For awhile it seemed like things were just getting worse and worse and then finally the site died for hours. I thought things just finally were done.

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Agreed, thanks for being helpful, Admin. :wink:


Yesterday this board was down most of the day.


It only looks that way because you’re standing so far away. :wink:

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