So what's the next "scandal?"

Trump knows he has to win in November because if he doesn’t, come inauguration day 2021 the SDNY will be waiting.

Democrats would still need to have 66 Democratic Senators plus Romney to get rid of Trump. Our government would basically be a caretaker government with each side waiting till they had control.

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Naah…we would forget about trials needing witnesses and go back to impeachment is political.

I don’t see it happening. Who would vote for Trump and then vote for a democratic senator?

Donald’s such a whimsical scamp, it’s really a matter of waiting on his latest caper.


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It is political. But double jeopardy is the law. You cannot be tried twice for the same offense in the U.S. They need to find something else.

Say goodbye to Alaska

Actually you can.

The dems have a really poor record of choosing winning capers. They are 0 for 2. Maybe going 0 for 3 would help the President even more than the others did?

Don’t forget, he was not charged with a crime. There is no indictment.
Sure it would be nice if the House would try to adopt some characteristics of common law that have deveoloped over a thousand years, but don’t count on it.
I doubt if the SC would say due process applies to impeachment.

I am simply informing you of things that have been winding through the courts for over a year.

We do. I really want us to beat him fair and square in an election. Turn his misdeeds into campaign fodder. And bring Kamala out of cold storage as our team is comprised of, well, deplorables.

And I appreciate it. You gave an honest answer. Of your scenarios, I’m betting that Stormy will be the first choice. But as I said, they don’t have time to fiddle fart around. They need to get moving. “Oversight” is not something to delay.

been a while since they cared about his taxes. thats game

It’s been tied up in the courts.

Even that won’t be taken seriously.

Then taxes are out. They need to find something else. They are out of time.


It has been tied up in courts.

What we do know from public reporting is that there is a high potential for decades of fraud.

You can’t beat him.

oh ok then after years theres hope for them