So what's the fall back option?

It’s become increasing obvious that great Ukrainian hoax is about to blow back onto the faces of radical libs…and fake impeachment is going nowhere’s.

So what’s next? What other goverment agencies are you going to use as a political weapon?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Pelosi will probably continue to let Schifty beat the drum till they come up with another phony hoax to jump on.


“Do us a favor though”


What’s that suppose to mean?

The herd must shepherded into the next pasture of lies to be fed…orange man baaa, baaa,baaad.

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Instead of bloviating here where there is no one…absolutly no one on this forum responsible for " this fake impeachment" that isn’t even impeachment.

I have a suggestion. Why don’t you take to twitter and ask these questions directly of Pelosi and Schiff?

Maybe you’ll get an answer from some one actually involved.

So what’s you fall back option when this blows up in your face?

“RACISM!!!” is always an option.


I don’t need an option. I’m clearly on record here several times that I don’t want impeachment. It is bad for the country.

Now go talk to schiff and pelosi.

It’s make believe impeachment to placate radical libs to keep em riled up until election.

Judging from Madcow numbers it’s working.

Oh…and don’t tell me what to do.

You might want to clarify…it almost looks like you are saying my fall back option would be racism. I hope you would not make that mistake about me.

Judging from the posts here, I agree.

Meh…it was just a suggestion…lol

You realize it’s not a fake impeachment because no one has been impeached.

They have nothing else to cling too…other then praying for economic miracle.

It’s a fake impeachment because they won’t even vote to open an official impeachment inquiry or process.

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Not sure why this continues to need to be explained, but there is no impeachment yet. All that has happened up to this is an impeachment inquiry. An actual impeachment hasn’t started yet.

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Oh…so what’s all this talk then?

Either ■■■■ or get off the pot.

Funny thing thou…the left can’t do either except sit there on toilet with their pants down around their ankles.

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Oh…so your saying it’s fake impeachment inquiry?

Jeez… it’s been a week and a half. What’s the hurry?

The whole thing is fake. Fake collusion, fake phone call, fake news.

And to top it off…fake liberals. :wink: