So what's other 400 billion dollars for?

His announcement followed an Oval Office meeting with a bipartisan group of senators, who were pitching a breakthrough pared-down agreement worth about $953 billion reached the night before. Their proposed framework includes about $559 billion in new spending that will be invested in roads, broadband internet, electric utilities and other traditional infrastructure projects.

So they announced they reach a agreement on 953 billion dollars for infrastructure but only 559 billion actually for infrastructure…what’s other 400 billion for?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Those coffers aren’t just going to line themselves you know. :wink:


And by the way, 559 billion for the actual infrastructure? What a ripoff. An insult, really.


There are still trillions from Covid relief that has not been spent.

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It’s somewhat of a compromise, because everybody’s disgusted with it. Sadly, I think that qualifies it as a “win.”

A win for who? Now I know extremely forum left-wing radicals are disappointing that they didn’t get their trillions…but 559 billion for infrastructure and 400 billion for what? Democrats green new deal plan?

Here’s a breakdown of the proposed spending:

Roads, bridges, major projects: $109 billion
Safety: $11 billion
Public transit: $49 billion
Passenger and Freight Rail: $66 billion
Electric vehicle infrastructure: $7.5 billion
Electric buses / transit: $7.5 billion
Reconnecting communities: $1 billion
Airports: $25 billion
Ports & Waterways: $16 billion
Infrastructure Financing: $20 billion
Water infrastructure: $55 billion
Broadband infrastructure: $65 billion
Environmental remediation: $21 billion
Power infrastructure including grid authority: $73 billion
Western Water Storage: $5 billion
Resilience: $47 billion

You know you guys are leaving out an important word from the OP’s linked article correct?


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Yeah and what’s that?

It’s new spending. So of the proposed 1.2 Trillion over the next eight years, $579 Billion is what is being added. So the US would currently be spending around $600 Billion over the next eight years.

Good to see some bipartisanship on both sides of the isle, I hope congressional Republicans and the Biden administration can continue to work together.

Never thought we would actually have infrastructure week become real


Now it’s 1.2 trillion? What’s other 600 billion for?

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It’s just reckless spending at this point no accountability towards the monstrosity of debt they are laying down as they will continuously kick it down the road, weakening the dollar as we approach and expected 50 trillion in debt by 2025.

Won’t be a problem when they do away with the dollar and replace it with a digital US dollar.

Lol it’s been like that for twenty years.

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Bipartisan compromise is now white supremacy.

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So a reading of the article indicates that of the 953B, 553B is “new” so logically this would be added to the existing 400B.

Key word in the breakdown is that only the “new” numbers are cited.


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Human Infrastructure :rofl:

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That pocket change for the roads though. At least a catastrophe was avoided at the last minute.

Don’t pretend that you have never looked at a woman and thought to yourself (hopefully … ) Wow! She sure is built! :wink: