So what will the democrats do about their Bernie problem?

Will democrats openly embrace an old Soviet plant…a sleeper agent to represent them?

We all seen the video and tapes of him openly embracing communism…partying in front of Vladimir Lenin portrait.

So my question is, will libs all embrace Bernie…old Soviet puppet? Or will they undermine him from getting there nomination?

Inquiring minds want to know.

What disqualifies a candidate from office these days?

Affairs? Lies? Past associations? Sketchy finances? Disgusting rhetoric? Personal attacks on opponents or their families?


Anything goes.

There is no bar anymore, Conan. I don’t think you’re going to like how that plays out over the next decade or so before things snap back.

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Democrats/Govement party can nominate anyone they feel represent them. And if old Soviet plant/sleeper puppet is their man so be it.

They just need to come out of the closet and admit who and what they are.


And imagine your face if he won :laughing:. Election night '16 all over again.

But that couldnt happen, right?

I mean ■■■■ the policies, dude had a heart attack during the campaign and he’s still polling that high?

That in an of itself should give you some pause, Conan.

Cause I assumed he was 100% done when that happened. So did the media.

I will be shocked and proven right at the same time. That libs have turned us into a commie state.

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It’s a popularity contest, policies largely don’t matter.

And people like him.

Why do they like him?

I don’t personally like Trump…but I support his policies so far.

So which is it? Libs are such fools that they vote for someone they like or vote for policies?

You don’t like him? That surprises me.

They like him because they like him. It really doesn’t matter, it’s what Democracy boils down to these days imo. The Chinese have a point there, the alternative just remains far worse.

Celebrity and reality TV is going to be the political norm long after Trump is gone.

Even people that don’t like Trump would be more comfortable with Trump than Bernie at the helm.

Better warm up Klobuchar. She was likely the Biden VP…I think she will be the nominee.

The best pick since Tulsi is out of contention…Sorry her media time has shrunk to nothing.


I think you’d be surprised at how Trump voters in the states that matter feel about Bernie.

Remember, it boils down to like 4 or 5 states and often less than 100k votes. That’s all it takes.

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A recurring pattern among the dem candidates.

Dems are so garbage right now, they can’t even win against an impeached president. :rofl:

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Sorry I’m not buying that. They like him because he promise free stuff.

You’re not BSing me here.

Candidate Trump promised a bunch of free stuff.

So there is that

:smile:. Trillion dollar deficits.

Free is never free.

He ran on raising the taxes on the rich. Lest we forget.

Great Health care for everyone.

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They also like him because our educational system had taught them that people need goverment to keep we the people in check. That the power should remain in hands of a few.

In there world there is no room for individuals.

Even union members will be motivated to protect their negotiated health care and vote Trump.

Bernie is popular for his convictions, not his policy.

Will be of interest to see how this plays out. I do see Bernie with the most momentum right now.


Ah, there it is…