So what happens when the bill comes due in the next month or so?

I’m not talking the 2.5 trillion in stimulus and other spending since this began.

I’m talking about governments not allowing evictions for non payment for three month. I’m talking about governments telling banks they need to give forbearance on mortgage payments for three months.

Way that was set up, after the expiration, those people were going to be responsible for a lump sum of everything they missed and the current payment.

Then you have the other kicker. As states start allowing more businesses to open. You have to remember. Unemployment insurance is for those that are out of work through no fault of their own. What happens if a business opens – under the government guidlines – and a worker doesn’t want to (voluntarily) to go back to work because they don’t think it’s safe (even though the government and business owner do)?

Are we in for another round of 1 trillion plus money for rent/morgage payments and a new program of unemployment for those who don’t feel safe going back to work (even though essential employee’s have been going in every day since this began?


We likely are.

535 well-paid brains better be able to put something together that deals with those situations. If they just let everyone get nuked by the multiple months of back payment that resulted from a temporary shelter-in-place scenario, then it’s time for another revolution.

Whether employees stayed home because they don’t want to die, or they went back for a week and got laid off again because the customers don’t want to die, we’re gonna need to spend multi-trillion dollars worth of aid either way.

Just gotta make peace with the huge amounts of government money that will be spent. There’s gonna be a lot of waste, a lot of fraud, and a lot of failure too. This is the price of not being prepared for economic disruption beforehand.


Well to be fair we were kind of prepared for it. Then someone started defunding the agencies who were mostly responsible for safeguarding us against it right before we needed them despite being warned that something like this was coming. It’s ok though. That money was much better spent on tax breaks for the wealthy. Obviously.