So what happens in two weeks after protests?

People’s right to free speech and assembly have to respected. That said -

After Philadelphia help a parade in the middle of 1918 pandemic, the results were bad.

We’ve now had people marching for six straight nights or more pretty much all over the world and while a few wear masks and outdoor transmission rates may not be as high as thought before from this particular virus, it’s safe to say that this isn’t the sort of social distancing we were told we needed to practice to get over this pestilence.

Somebody’s going to look silly afterwards - either the lockdown crowd if nothing happens, or the re-open crowd if we’re back to where we were in late March. Imagine if our healthcare facilities are overwhelmed to where they have to turn patients away.

OTOH, if we don’t see a significant spike, can we go ahead and proceed to concerts and ballgames ?


I fear its going to be bad, but hopefully since they’re outside and many had masks on that will help keep the numbers down.

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Why aren’t Democrat governors and mayors arresting those assembling like this? Why all of a sudden is it ok, and In some cases they’re even encouraging this behavior? The mayor of Chicago is a perfect example.

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You expect them to put their base in jail, en masse?

This is a really good question.

I don’t anticipate a spike at all.

We are protecting the vulnerable now.

The young will be fine. They seem to know this.

So if we see a spike in China Virus over the next few weeks, it’s all the libs’ fault. :wink:


Young and healthy probably will be fine, yeah. But then what about the older people they may be in contact with as well as others with compromised immune system ? Are you sure we’ve got them all sheltered ?

I think it’s completely fair to call out the left in breaking their own social distancing rules in this manner after insisting that others can’t get a haircut because they might kill grandma.


I hadn’t even thought about that yet. You’ve always been an incredibly honest person, and for that I say thank you. lol

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Yea but even with this information do you think any cons will say the lockdown is a good thing? I doubt it.

Well, I am not too concerned with what either cons or libs say. I am concerned with either a really bad spike in cases, resulting in our facilities being overwhelmed and many more people dying - or if the opposite is true and we don’t have a spike, I’d like to get back to our normal lives somewhat.

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Will any libs condemn the protests? I haven’t seen a single one yet.

They just let them out!


I want to know what he did with WC. :wink:


There will be a mega outbreak of Covid nationwide.

Trump will pretend its fake news because he’s not shutting the country down again and dooming his chances at re-election.

Dems will go full hypocrite and blame Trump and racism for the Covid boom.

Old people will die en masse as many of those it missed the first time around will get it this time.

My chances at a cruise this year, my one in May obviously got cancelled, will go up in smoke. Priorities man!

What’s wrong with protesting? And my point is proven.

I’ve seen quite a few marsh mellow elderly liberals out in the peaceful protests. They might take a Wuhan hit.

Nothing unless you’re in the middle of a pandemic. I’m not sure that this virus is woke enough to stop replicating itself because of 400 years of racism.

I’ve not seen many. In my city, it looks like 98% of them are about 20.

I was thinking of the peaceful protesting events.