So what good use are you making of your free time, particularly the extra free time most people now have?

My wife and I drove up into Virginia early this morning and hiked a section of the New River Trail. Very nice spring day for a hike.

Got a shipment of Black Giant chicks from the hatchery this week. Supposed to be 24 males, however I think one is a female, which is within the 95% accuracy guarantee of the hatchery. I plan on caponizing the cockerels at 8 weeks. Not a breed I have caponized in the past, so I will just have to take a wait and see approach as when to slaughter them. I purchased a few hens locally for immediate egg production, don’t plan on starting a permanent flock at this time.

Very challenging place to bike, you are either going steeply down or steeply up. :smile:

I was sitting out on the porch earlier. Nice clear night and I can see the lights of Winston-Salem in the distance, which is about 42 miles in a straight line from here.

We may make this our primary residence sooner rather than later.

I could continue fishing technically. In the spirit of sparing hospitals the surge that is our goal I am getting all of my home projects and maintenance done so that when the medical community is out of danger I can resume my fishing with gusto.

I am an essential employee and have only had 4 days off due to slowdown so far. I am getting full salary so no issue there no matter how long we may have to go.


Many hours preparing for the launch of my children’s book in a month or two.

Self publishing with print on demand services through Ingram Spark and Amazon. Only three or four professional illustrations to go!

It’s a MASSIVE project with a very steep learning curve but I am totally committed to it. Marketing on a limited budget is a problem, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve. Aside from having been married to a marketing writer for 17 years and studying the entire self publishing industry for the last year, I have come up with some unique ideas and perspectives that apparently nobody else is doing.

I’m breaking all the rules lol, and I know exactly what I’m doing too. I’m pretty darn confident that this first in series book is going to do well.

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Still counts as social distancing.

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Vijo gamez with family and fwendz.

The division 2 ironically

My wife and I bought a piece of property a couple of years ago with a couple of ramshackle greenhouses on it. So we are repairing and restoring those.

I plan to set up a small greenhouse down the road. At the moment I am basically jury rigging a greenhouse for the few plants I have right now.

I am trying to find Andy and Opie’s fishing spot. :smile: I have been locating some good fishing spots here. There are some designated public areas, but also private property that is open for fishing. On the other hand, you have to watch against straying into closed private property.

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I tried writing a children’s book, but for some reason, nobody wanted to publish “Curious George and the Chainsaw.” :smile:

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I didn’t realize your avatar was really you. Looks like a great hike

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. I’m currently looking in the market for the same thing here. Hoping to find one that use be used for cut flowers so the needed changes are minimal

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We have been spring cleaning. I tore out the shelving in our bedroom closets and put in a new organizing system. Replacing all our old outlets and switches now.

That’s too bad, it sounds like a real winner!

Nice. We are going to grow some food and flowers.

As we drop a hundred dollars here and hundred dollars there getting these things repaired I just say “Think of how much money we are going to save on Basil!”

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Or big challenge is that we don’t have a well on the property. So I am rigging up a rain barrel system with an on demand pump for RV’s to feed a sink, a hose and a solenoid valve on a timer to automatically provide water on a schedule.

hope it all works.

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I have a friend that makes really good money growing micro greens. Started out as a hobby that eclipsed his main form of income

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Water is the one thing I will never have to worry about here. I have multiple springs on the property and have two tapped for the house and other use. They run reliably year round and are as fresh and tasty as can be. I also have several mountain brooks running across the property. Definitely set on water. :smile:

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Nice… we bought a five acre property about a half mile from our lakehouse here in in Maine with a standing garage the greenhouses a bunch of junk on it and not much else. It was really cheap… so that is why we got it.

It is pretty marshy, and mostly useless land, but there is a football field size of filled and leveled land so that is useful. There is one part of it that will perc so we can eventually put septic in there if we want and there is a place where we can drill for a well so there is water.

It is just if we want to spend the money on it… thats all. So for now, we have a tiny house on the property with a composting toilet and haul in potable water if we ever want to stay there.

A light stroll through nature. It’s good for the lungs.


Drinking, grilling, playing video games, watching youtube and hanging out on my patio in my backyard. I haven’t even had to go food shopping yet since this crap broke out.