So we’re not gonna talk about Nancy Pelosi’s husband getting attacked by a guy with a hammer?

Yes, apparently a guy attacked her husband this morning with a hammer and was asking “Where’s Nancy?”

I guess he was probably just a tourist and meant Nancy no harm whatsoever. And the police probably over reacted by arresting him.

Or he’s just a lone nutcase. It’s not all political like the Rubio thing.

Dude there is already another thread on this


Well I don’t see it anywhere. But if there is then the mods should go ahead and roll this one into that one.

Might want to clean your glasses…lol

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To be fair, it was in the DUI thread. I thought it was on the assault, my fault. I “tagged” you in it

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It’s in the other thread about Drunklosi’s latest escapade in the limelight.

He might just get his own one and only thread if this keeps up. :rofl:


Buried nice and deep I see.

Trust me, it is being discussed in typical manner. Dems say a radical right winger did it, reps are highlighting the dude was from Berkley, was in at least one “nudist” protest, and a total conspiracy nutjob.

No, it’s at the top of the forum, and has been all day. :rofl:

This type of thing is unacceptable for any reason.

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So will you believe us when we say the same thing about what happened to the Rubio guy?

Deep in the dui thread.

Sure, if you want to sound like some kind of conspiracy loon, yes, it’s “bUrIeD dEeP iN tHe dUi tHrEaD1!”

That does have a snazzy ring to it. :rofl:

Not when the first post was “he was a neo nazi” or “white supremacist” or along those lines. Go check the thread, with the obligatory “I don’t endorse this type of action”.

So … Is that the only thing you have to say on the topic? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yeah, I think that covers it.

The one thing I’ll say about that case is I’m not willing to assign blame until more is known.

I don’t think him being in whatever that group is called is relevant, what is relevant is the guy who got beat up had a history of violence in political environments.

If his canvassing resulted in a heated discussion I could very easily see an individual like this starting an incident.


Agrees on the 1st part, as to the 2nd, several of our lib posters made sure to point out he was/is a member of a neo-nazi/white supremacist group, or had a history of being a member.

Agreed with the last part.

It’s (D)ifferent when they blame the victim for existing. :wink:


Lefty on lefty violence doesn’t rate high on my give a ■■■■ meter. :man_shrugging: